Amazing Jeravna Village Folk gathering in Bulgaria

Amazing Jarvina village “The festival of folk costume” – You’re lucky today because Konstanting Panchev brought us amazing set of photos of one beautiful Slavic tradition and festival in Bulgaria. It is an event that is held annual in village of Jeravna. For the first time it was held in 2008 and over the years it just keeps getting larger and growing more.  Near the festival place is located a place for camp site and we bring you these photos via photographer Konstantin Panchev 

The main requirement for the participants is to have Bulgarian national costume in order to fit completely in the atmosphere of the celebration, that isn’t that hard right?


The garments can be authentic or scenic, natural, created or rented but they have to be one, Slavic! So on this fun festival the participants just are obligated to sing, have fun, play, drink, dance and eat in a way, as it had been in times of  their  Slavic great-grandparents many years ago.


For this trully authentic Slavic atmosphere helped the fact there are only mostly used tools and accessories as they existed in the late XIX and early XX-th century – things like ceramic bowls, wooden spoons, rugs, large Slavic mats and Goat`s hair rugs for seating (interesting huh?).


Oh yeah techology is abolished during the festival, so cell phones, cameras, camcorders, modern men`s and ladies handbags,  sunglasses are not allowed (except to Konstantin our photographer).


Also what kind of a reenactment and festival would it be without real pehlivanski wrestling, Mummer and Masquerade games, mystic Nestinar fire dances, old crafts presentation, ancient games and customs.

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