Amazing Mirror Marble Cakes by Russian Olga

We all love cakes, but have you ever tried one that looks like a mirror or marble? We know you haven’t and you are not the only one, this is why Russian confectioner Olga became real famous in just a matter of few weeks. She creates sweet cakes that look like marbled mirrors. She had an interview and said that all this cake art began with heir love for macarons, and just later turned into a full time study of confectionery art. She wanted to make mousse cakes and this mirror glaze is the result of that learning. More info: Instagram

Her number of instagram followers rose from 15k to 350k in just a few days and she was shocked.

“I am shocked! What can I reply?… My phone can’t deal with all the messages!… I have learnt the way people have got the information about me. First of all…I am grateful you referred to my Instagram and appreciated my works. I’m so flattered by such attention,” she wrote on her Instagram Another success story in the works!


20 g Gelatin Powder, 120 g Water, 300 g Glucose, 300 g Sugar, 150 g Water, 200 g Sweetened Cond Milk, 300 g Chocolate (White, Milk, Dark or a combination), Food Coloring


1) Bloom the gelatin in the water;
2) Boil the glucose, sugar & water;
3) Remove from heat and add the gelatin;
4) Add the cond milk;
5) Pour over chocolate and buerre mix to remove air bubbles;
Use at 35C/95F.

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