Amazing Siberian Ergaki National Park

In southern Siberias western Sayan Mountains area a beautiful National park stands still for centuries, and it’s name is Ergaki National park. It’s one of those things that you just have to see if you ever visit Russia/Siberia. Some call it Russian Yosemite and they often describe it as amazing and breathtaking due to it’s natural views. Lucky for the park, it’s still kind of relatively unknown to the mainstream tourist world but year after year it is getting more famous and visitors increase every year. The park was founded as such in 2005. and it stretches over 75 kilometers to the western Sayan mountains, and just that you know it’s lakes are one of the least polluted lakes on our planet.

So the natural beauty and perfection of this place is hard to describe with words so we might just help you up a bit with the pictures of this natural paradise. Photos via skilled photographers that made sure they bring you the best out of Ergaki: Serge Larin, Alexey Skachkov, Alexander Dementyev,Evgeniy Molodtsov, SVETAN Photography.

What beauty lives in Siberia

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