Amazing steampunk animals by Russian Igor Verniy

Amazing steampunk animals by Russian Igor Verniy  – Russia and Slavic countries in general have always been a birth-place of many gifted artists, painters, musicians and today we bring you one steapmpunk genius artists. Igor Verniy, a talented sculptor from Krasnoyarsk. This amazing man creates sculpture work made of auto parts, spare parts of the clocks, cars, lighters, household appliances and electronics and in general things that we consider junk at some point. This man not only instead of polluting earth he uses the man made disposal things into amazing art. Enjoy his art! More info: Facebook | Etsy ( etoday, Vkontakte)

steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-1 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-2 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-3 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-5 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-9 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-10 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-11 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-12 steampunk-animal-sculptures-igor-verniy-13

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