Amazing Tatra Mountains of Poland

Amazing Tatra Mountains of Poland – We will now take you to a journey to Poland. Oh yes that great Slavic country in central Europe hides some amazing jewels that not many people did see. You have to be breave to wenture to Tatra Mountains, but if you do you will see the most amazing scenery that earth can give. What can ve say, these picture are breath taking, amazing, unreal and truly do show the beauty of Poland. What this young photographer did was amazing via(source, facebook)


Morning in Morskie Oko


Spring in the Tatras

Wielki Staw Polski

Hot and cold

Morskie Oko


Sunset in The Tatras

Giewont and Kasprowy Wierch

Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich


Images by: marcinkesek

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