Amazing Winter Holidays in Russia look like this

Have you ever wondered how nice would it be to go on a winter holiday in Russia? To travel through the amazing humongous territory of Russian Federation and enjoy those little things that you don’t see on TV? You know the average village life that you can enjoy throught eco-folk tourism. Moscow and St.Petersburg isn’t everything Russia has to offer, some things are are hidden treasures! So just maybe one day thanks to this article you will enjoy your trip through a Slavic Russian village! via(source)

In remote area covered in beautiful snow while on your trip


The enormous wild landscape will feed your eyes beyond your expectations


Frozen still lakes as if you are in a fairy tale


Beautiful snow covered mountains to enjoy skiing


Everything get’s frozen, but it gives the beautiful ambient


Many even enjoy  hunting that you can get license for


During winter Russian villages get surrounded by snow and all the suden whole composition looks like a beautiful medieval Slavic village


Birds can be found usually around lakes and rivers where they can feed on fish


Even thought Russia has harsh winters the wildlife is even looking more colorful during winter, so for tourists it’s a perfect time to visit


The night during winter falls early in norther Russian parts, so when you’re on a skiing or hunting be sure to go home on time


Frozen lakes like these will give you an explanation where beautiful Russian theater dramas like “Swan Lake” originated from


For those that are more adventourous they can rent a warm cabin in middle of Russian north, and they will enjoy the most


It’s kind of dangerous to drive during winter because of the amount of snow and ice over the roads, but looks of it make up for the danger


Winter temperature in the European-North part of Russia drop to -30°C (-22°F)


The local Chrurches covered with snow will no doubt leave a great impression on tourists


The interior of these buildings is at times even more impressive than the outside as they are usually filled with old local artifacts


In general, we are absolutely sure that some of you that like adventurous natural tourism will enjoy such tours over Russia!


You better get your airplane tickets, now!

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