Ancient Perun’s Axe Pedant

The Axe of Perun , also called a “hatchet amulet”, is an archaeological artifact worn as a pendant and shaped like a battle axe. It is mostly found in modern day Russia and parts of Scandinavia. Connection with the Slavic pre-Christian god Perun was made by VP Darkevich, although some authors prefer the association with Norse material culture. Based on archaeological findings dating between the 11th and 12th century Novgorod.

Symbol of Slavic God Perun – analogous to a Thor’s Hammer – Perun is a heavenly god of thunder and lightning, fiery and dry, who rules the living world from his citadel high above, located on the top of the highest branch of the World Tree. – This piece is reversible double sided. 31mm W x 24mm H – Sterling Silver

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Production MethodAll our products are cast from either sterling silver or bronze using the lost wax casting method.
Metal stamp925 Sterling
Width31 millimeters
Length24 millimeters

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