Ancient Varangian Rus Street in Kiev To Be Destroyed by Shopping Mall

In Kiev, during excavations at the Postal Square, archaeologists found a whole street dating from the time of Kievan Rus. Portal said they interviewed one of the witnesses to the event, who didn’t want to give his name not to harm the archaeologists but he said “On that place they will build a shopping center”. Under the legislation, prior to construction the area and kievan remains should be excavated. Archaeologists began excavations, and under the top layer (18-19 century wharf) found old houses and stockades, which, according to scientists, are the streets of the ancient Kiev 11-13 century. Archaeologists suggest that the next can be preserved at museums but it would be ideal to leave it as it is. However, they fear that the owner will not abandon to build on this place his shopping center, and on 1. March (when the plan ends and begins excavation and construction) on that archeological discovery they will pour concrete. More info: LB

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