Archaeologists Discovered Peruns Axe Pedants

During excavations in the city center, on the site of the former district Zakhaym archaeologists discovered and found rare pagan amulets, fragments of military armor of the knight’s equipment and other rarities. If the inhabitants of houses next to the new elevated bridge in Kaliningrad were unhappy all day due to loud truck driving under their windows, they can try to find comfort in the fact that approximately 500-600 years ago this area was also very busy and noisy. That is the conclusion made by staff of noncommercial partnership “Yuzharheologiya” and scientific production organization “Baltspetsarheologiya” that are currently excavating at the site of Pregel river bank.

The Germans, Teutonic Knights began to settle Prussia until the second half of the XVI century. How much confidence can be assumed Teutons pretty soon created Prussian dense forest of forts and had the rapidly growing cities of the Altstadt, Kneiphof Löbenicht and later merged into a single Koenigsberg.

The Prussian word “Zakhaym” from Prussian language translates as “old village”, meaning the area before Teutons was settled by Slavic Pagans, according to excavation and rare Peruns Axe amulets found.

But the real discovery was the fragments of medieval military equipment.

At first, quite ordinary at first glance, the piece of metal has attracted the attention of archaeologists Nikita Zubarev, who saw in the oxide “agglomerate” three welded plate rust. But in the land of the former Zakhaym archaeologists managed to find even more rare two Axes of Perun.

Since ancient times, such ornaments, were considered as membership of professional soldiers who received special honor and were respect among relatives, thanks to his courage and bravery.

What can we say, time to buy Peruns Axe pedants!

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