Archaeologists Found Sword Of Ivan The Terrible

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Russian archaeologists explaned the mystery of blade made in Germany in 12th century, adorned in Sweden and on end found in Siberia. As the say the sword probably belonged to Tsar Ivan the Terrible, it was a gift to him during his conquest of Siberia. As reported by Siberian times , the medieval sword was found accidentally during excavations back in 1975 that were led by Vyacheslav Molodin that studied the Bronze Age settlements on the rivers of Siberia.

As reported the sword was just lying about 5 centimeters beneath the grass and was very well-preserved sword.

It has amazing inscriptions on both sides and due to it’s position it has been found it was probably not deliberately buried in ground.

At first it was puzzling the scientists where this sword came from as this kind of weapon was never found in Siberia, however during further research they have revealed it originated in Rhine basin of Germany, then it was transported to Swedish Gotland where he was inscribed with Norse pattern that writes: “In the name of the mother of our savior eternal, eternal Lord and Savior. Christ Jesus Christ.”

“There has been widespread debate about how the sword ended up in Russia, with assumptions it was either carried along a trade route, or taken as a spoil of war from skirmishes in the region,” reports the Siberian Times. “According to Arab historians, in the middle of the 12th century there was an ancient northern path through Russia to the River Ob, called the Zyryanskaya road or Russky tes. Over the centuries archaeologists have found a treasure trove of coins, silver vessels and medieval jewellery in the Urals and lower reaches of the Ob, having travelled from the west.”

Archaeologist Molodin however gave different perspective. According to his latest theory, the sword may have belonged to Tsar Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible), who was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Tsar of all the Russias from 1547 until his death in 1584.

It was said that Ivans conquest of territory enabled a relationship with Europe through trade, and maybe exactly due to this trade did Ivan acquire such gift from western traders. Molodin proposes that the weapon was then taken from the royal armory by the legendary warrior Ivan Koltso, a gift from Ivan ahead of the conquest of Siberia, led by Cossack leader Yermak Timofeyevich.

photos via wikimedia.commons and Siberian Times

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