Arctic Wildlife Photography By Polar Scientist Anatoly Kochnev

Arctic, Russia –  has always been an interesting region to explore, and Russian most famous Arctic scientists with experience of living for 10 years on the frozen continent has seen and observe thousands of Polar bears. The name of renowned polar scientist is Anatoly Kochnev and he’s an absolute legend in recognized authority expert on Polar bears, their life, habits and their surrounding.

He is also a member of RPIFO which stands for Russian Pacific Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, so he observes walrus, bears and other animal inhabitants of Arctic. Lucky for us Anatoly is kind enough ti share the news over his blog, where we can read about his experience in the Arctic area and see his illustrated stories with photos he made himself, mostly fascinating polar bears with each having his own nickname given to them by Anatoly. You gotta admit this is pretty amazing.

Kochnev1 Kochnev2 Kochnev3 Kochnev4 Kochnev5 Kochnev6 Kochnev7 Kochnev8 Kochnev9 Kochnev10 Kochnev11 Kochnev13 Kochnev14 Kochnev15 Kochnev16 Kochnev17

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