Aurora Borealis Enchants The Russian Sky

Two days ago people in central parts of Russia had a rare chance to see amazing aurora borealis forming in their night skies. Aurora Borealis isn’t that rare in norther parts of Russia but is very rare in southern regions so it was a great attraction to see for local people. In the norther parts of Russia this is also a rare phenomenon that just shows itself when it’s the coldest part of year, so having this in southern and central part of Russia in this part of year is almost a phenomenon. Also to make things more strange this year has been unusually warm, so having aurora show itself is either a sign of severe climate change or something in those lines like pole-shifting. But nevertheless the photographs made by locals are amazing and here is how it “warm” Aurora Borealis in central Russian looked like:

severnoe_siyanie_01 severnoe_siyanie_02 severnoe_siyanie_04 severnoe_siyanie_05 severnoe_siyanie_08 severnoe_siyanie_10 severnoe_siyanie_11 severnoe_siyanie_12 severnoe_siyanie_13 severnoe_siyanie_14 severnoe_siyanie_15 severnoe_siyanie_16 severnoe_siyanie_17 severnoe_siyanie_18

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