Babolovskiy Chalice The Worlds Largest Bathtub

St. Petersburg is not home just of amazing arhitecture, art but also of many interesting items such as “Babolovskiy Chalice” or should we say it in English language “Bathroom of the Russian Empire”. This is one of a kind masterpiece, a stone craftmanship at it’s best, not even the Romans that were masters of stone crafting didn’t have a largest bathtub! For the time it was made it was sure a great accomplishment and probably a tourist attraction of it’s time, as it is today. Thanks to bloggers such as masterok, that just have to explore and find those little interesting things out there, we can represent it to you now. This tub is located in Tsarskoye Selo, on the outskirts of the park, there are the ruins of the palace called Babolovskiy. The place is hidden from any tourists routes as one of the last imperial parks that stands still. Compared to the parks of Alexander and Catherine, teeming with exquisite architectural structures and sculptures Babolovsky park looks more than modestly.

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