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Balkan Slavs think that you should visit these places

The Balkans area covers quite a big chunk of Europe, no wonder it has some of the oldest settlements in the continent. Filled with popular tourists destinations, featuring many historical locations, towns, wonders and landscapes makes it one of the most favorable destination for tourists in last years. While tourism in blooming in Balkans, once war torn area, now it is a land of peace, happy people, cool history, good food and relaxing vacations. Tell us what do you want? beaches, forests, snowy mountains, lakes, sea, rich history? We have it all, so pick wisely…or even better just visit all these locations as you enjoy your Balkan trip!

10. The Balkan Flexipass, Serbia, Montenegro

For example you could use the service of The Balkan Express that has more than enough options for you to enjoy and have an easy Balkans travel. Train trip will start in Belgrade, a nightlife city of Serbia and will for example drive you all the way to Bar city, a historical town in Montenegro parked on the Adriatic beach. While the train runs thought amazing landscapes you would soon realize it one of the most beautiful train routes in Europe that only many Scandinavian fjord routes could rival. You would go through Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

9. The Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

Rila mountains monastery reminds a lot of Buddhist temples, only here it’s a Eastern Orthodoy monastery in Bulgarian Rila mountains. Being founded back in 10th century it made it one of the most popular sites in Bulgaria that attracts over 1 million tourists annually. So if you want to experience Christian monk life on top of the mountains this is a place to visit. Beautiful architecture, pretty view of the surrounding mountains, fresh air is all that you need so you to get there it’s just 117 km (73 mi) away from Sofia.

8. Vrelo Bune, Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Natural and architectural jewel called “Blagaj” is located on the Buna River in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Blagaj monastery was built in 17th century and what you will see here is amazing nature, diversity of animal life and in general a really unquie location. Located in Mediterranean climate your day here will be hot, sunny and we are sure that would make it a that much better experience.  Vrelo Bune – a Unique Historic Ensemble

7. Ohrid, the Republic of Macedonia

Of of the famous European lakes, crystal clear and emerald in it’s appearance and color. The historic town filled with numerous monasteries, churches and old buildings is these days protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site. If you want great recreation, relaxation this is a place to be because in summer when the weather is great then various cool festivals take place here.


6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Most popular tourist destination in the mediteraniean, the famous Dubrovnik that is protected by UNESCO for it’s historical excellence. Lot to see here, in fact we could dedicate a whole post just about him due to his tourbolent and rich history. You should know for start that exploring it’s architecture by cable cars, or amazing summer festivals, relaxing, learning, soaking up all the history here will be one of the best places you could visit in your life. Do not miss!

5. Lake Bled, Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled and Julian alps in the background, who could stay indifferent to such a view. Probably the most visited location in Slovenia, making it a true motor engine of Slovenian tourist economy. The beautiful lake with a church in the Bled Island in the middle that was built back in 17th century. Who ever did that was a genius, but wait there is more, there is a large medieval castle that overlooks the whole lake and panorama. If you want to have a romantic trip, well this is a place to go as it is only 55km from Ljubljana and it’s international airport.


4. Sveti Stefan, Budva, Montenegro

Second most popular location in Adriatic is Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. Just a bit below Croatian Dubrovnik, so if you visit any of these do them both as Sveti Stefan is worth all your attention. Big island resort surrounded by soft sandy beaches, crystal water and ancient village got so popular that even Hollywood stars visit it each summer. Mild sunny weather whole year is what makes it cool so you should put this on your list!

3. Mostar, Old Bridge

Beautiful Bosnian river city, Mostar, has one of the famous historical bridges in Balkans. The bridge was built during Ottoman invasion of Balkans, however people fell in love with it and now it’s one of the Bosnian main symbols with it’s two watchtowers on both sides. In ’93. it was destroyed in Balkan wars, however now it’s restored and makes a beautiful sight for everyone once again. 

2. Vintgar Gorge – Slovenia

The Vintgar Gorge is a 1.6-kilometer gorge located in Slovenia in the Municipality of Gorje near the settlement of Zgornje Gorje, four kilometers northwest of Bled. If you watched Lord of the Rings series, you would love this for sure due to it’s narrow paths, wild nature, cool caves and just plain awesome atmosphere.

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Most famous parks in the whole Europe, visited already by god knows how much millions of tourists in exploration mood. This is like a real Jurassic park that will reveal to you a set of stunning turquoise lakes, waterfalls, caves and mountains. It’s constantly filled with tourists both in summer and winter, but the most popular season is summer. Frozen lakes and waterfalls in winter also promise a lot of spectacular sites that many don’t get to see so we have a sight of that too. You can get there from Croatian capital Zagreb, or Zadar or Split. Bus will get you to it’s entrance and then you can go let that Indiana Jones out of yourself and explore!


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