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When Soviet Socialist Modernism Meets Liberal Capitalism In Belarus

When two political thoughts meet and merge in architecture…

Photo: Darmon Richter / The Bohemian Blog

It was the stuff of utopia: a clean white city of blocks and towers and domes. Stars and flags decorate extraordinary works of Socialist Modernist architecture. Monuments to the soldiers who fought for it stand beside murals of the cosmonauts who would carry its legacy into the stars; the perfected Soviet city. Photographer Darmon Richter visited it in early January 2017, and even since then the country has made international headlines just a few times, really a calm and quiet country.

At night, the city looked like some kind of fairground utopia. Colorful lights danced on white boulevards and fairy lights twinkled in the trees. There was hardly a human soul in sight. Darmon has passed the National Library of Belarus, a huge iridescent rhombus, then down the mural-lined streets to the city center. h/t:(TheBohemianBlog)

The mainstream western media and newspapers like to call Belarus as the ‘Europe’s Last Dictatorship’, however as time passes it gets clear, Belarus is just one of those countries that is actually quite friendly, in a Slavic traditional way a very good host to any tourist. Embracing both it’s socialist history and modern capitalist global times, but one thing is certain, it just wants to be left alone when it comes to the turbulent global politics.

Photo: Darmon Richter / The Bohemian Blog
Photo: Darmon Richter / The Bohemian Blog
Photo: Darmon Richter / The Bohemian Blog
Photo: Darmon Richter / The Bohemian Blog

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