Beautiful Drone Photography From Russian Villages

There is a saying that picture is worth 1000 words, but imagine if this picture was taken by a sophisticated drone with expensive camera over a beautiful Russian region Karelia? How much words is that picture worth, 10000 or a billion? We don’t know, but is sure looks nice! So all it takes to do these amazing photos is a decent and usually expensive quad-copter and you can start your own adventure taking photos of your own landscape, meanwhile you can enjoy the photos that this happy Russian bunch makes. Considering their photos, all those already pretty churches, monasteries, old buildings look pretty as is, but now they get even prettier than before.

So thanks to Igor Egohorov, a Russian blogger and traveler  you can see how the region looks from birds (metal quad-copter high-tech bird) perspective and due to his knowledge of the area some new things are discovered! So let us fly away to Tver and Karelia regions and see what the metal birds have to show us of Russia. h/t: Slickpic


Wooden Slavic architecture now even looks better


These drones are very expensive, but for most photographers they are worth the money invested


Russia lately has a boom of aerial photography thanks to these drones


So if you have a travel photography blog, drone is a must-buy for you now


If you wonder which drone this, it’s DJI Phantom Vision 2+


These kind of drones cost around 1000€ but as you can see it’s worth your money


Because Russia looks very beautiful from this perspective, and so would your country too!

karelia7 karelia8 karelia10 Karelia11 karelia93 Karelia121

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Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

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