Beautiful High Tatras Behind Camera Lenses

Julita Chudko is a mountain climber and trekker, however she has one more hobby that makes it that much more special. She is also a photographer and she shares photos from all explorations she goes, in this case she has a set of photos from Polish/Slovak Tatra Mountains. The highest peak is called Gerlach (2,655 m ), so they are not very high mountains but very beautiful which will be obvious after viewing these amazing mountain photos, also get ready for some animal cuteness overdose. High Tatras are still not so well known worldwide but awareness of this beautiful place is rising year after year because of beautiful photographs that bombed us. More info: Facebook | [divider]Tatra-Mountains1__880 Tatra-Mountains2__880 Tatra-Mountains3__880 Tatra-Mountains4__880 Tatra-Mountains6__880 Tatra-Mountains8__880 Tatra-Mountains9__880 Tatra-Mountains10__880 Tatra-Mountains11__880 Tatra-Mountains14__880 Tatra-Mountains15__880 Tatra-Mountains16__880 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Tatra-Mountains21__880 Tatra-Mountains25__880 Tatra-Mountains35__880 Wielka-Siklawa__880

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