Beautiful lakes from Slovenia

Slovenia as a country by surface is one of the smaller European states, however that doesn’t stops her to deliver great natural wonders and beauties. Slovenia is one of the most famous European states due to wonderful mountain chains as Alps and even more amazing lakes. The area around Bohinj and Bled has some of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia. Bled is also the only remaining Slovene island (we would had another one at the cost, but it was connected with the mainland ages ago). If you will ever visit Slovenia this might be a good guide on what places to visit among else, of course that only applies if you love nature. At some point you might even mistake these beautiful lakes for Norwegian or Canadian Fjords, but rest assured this is Slovenia!

Bohinj lake

Bohinj lake

Church at Bohinj lake

Lake Bled with the island

View from the castle at Bled

Bled in winter

Triglav lakes

Triglav lakes

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