Beautiful Photography by Ukrainian Artist Tatyana

There is an amazing skilled photogpraher by the name Tatyana Nevmerzhytska from Ukrianian capital Kiev. She likes to take photographs as a hoby and work but now she has raised it up to a new level where she started to create fantasy scenes in amazing colorful composition.  She said that Art photography attracts her with a possibility to create and control the overall process from the idea arisen in my mind to its implementation on the photographs”, said Tatyana. “I love to dream up beautiful and sometimes fantastic characters and try to compensate via photography a lack of magic in a real life”. “Inspiration comes from various sources. Art character can be born in my head after watching the movie, reading a book, looking at paintings or simply by observing some scenes on the street. We should train our creativity and be able to find beautiful things in everyday life.” More info: 500px[divider]

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