Beautiful Vintage Ads From Yugoslavia, Some Of The Designs Will Surprise You

How Yugoslav artists created ads for tourist spots, products and events

Photo: Scanned Yugoslav ads

In the 1950s and 1960s, some of the most popular Yugoslavian artists were hired to do commercial ads for tourist destinations, their airline company and many other products all over ex-Yugoslavia. Due to their beauty and distinct style, renowned artists like Edo Murtic, Milan Vulpe, Janez Trpin and many others went on to create illustrations for foreign destinations and products as well.

We’re bringing you a gallery of most visually interesting ads from ex-Yugoslavia, along with some retro ads from Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Yeah it was the time before everyone started jumping on each other, making these ads unique in a sense that these ads were trendy during one of the rare eras when South Slavic Balkans were a peaceful place, trade between the nations was established and tourism was flourishing.

“These ads are specially unique if you understand history of Balkans and Yugoslavia. Years before and after those ads, Balkans were a war-torn region in Europe, meaning these are the only proof of an era when peace, tourism and mutual trade between those nations existed”


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