Beautiful Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Maja Topčagić

A small country with a lot of pretty people

Photo: Maja Topčagić / 500px

Maja Topčagić is from Bihać which is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and her main work is being a cumputer science teacher. However her true passion is photography and most of all portraits of gorgeous Bosnian women. She finds her inspiration when she travels, or from movies, books and music to create different photography compositions.

Today you have a chance to see some of her best female portraits she has made over the years. Some of the photographs are more than amazing, nut just because of her skill but also because of her models. Check her 500px profile for more eye candy.

“For me, mathematics is an art too. Everything that we see in nature, we can mathematically describe and write using photography. Math and art are soulmates, and using these very natural things for a human being we can describe our world and our mind.”

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