Beer Fountain Is No Longer a Dream Thanks To Slovenian Town Žalec

Just don’t sleep on the benches if you get drunk

Žalec, Slovenia – Imagine a beautiful sunny day and you get an urge to take a walk. You are on your way to the local park where you want to relax. You find a bench and just a few feet away there is a beer fountain there. You take a glass, fill it up with ice-cold golden fluid of the gods and relax. How cool would that be, huh? Well, Slovenians obviously thought that way too and made this dream come true. In a small Slovenian town Žalec they opened a first ever “beer fountain”. This new structure attracted a lot of eyes, as it was a dream of several local entrepreneurs just a few years ago. Today it’s here successfully putting them on our map of interest.

Beer filling will obviously not be free, but you might get a free refill if there is some event going on there. Just 6 euros will give you a special glass (with a microchip) that will allow you to pour a very modest deciliter of beer for five times from any of the available beer taps.

“The point is not letting people get drunk here, we want to promote the culture of drinking beer,” said mayor Janko Kos.

So there you have it, they don’t want to promote alcoholism (even thought we bet alcoholics will gather here, it’s their dream come true too). However Major hopes this will make Žalec famous as far as tourists are concerned.

If you think it was cheap, well according to a report from the BBC it costed over 170,000 euros to get built. So concerning the effort and money that was spent on this, you better visit this place and buy a beer so this little town can survive this construction.

So in future when you come to visit the Old Celje Castle in Slovenia, do remember that this beer fountain is near by so check it out!

Ready for a pint of beer?

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