Belarus Military Invented Fake Enemy State “Veishnoria” For Zapad-2017 And The Internet Responded With Memes

That feel when you live in a region of your country that capital targets as a practice dummy enemy state for a massive military invasion

Photo: Alaksandar Arsionaŭ / Twitter

We live in a time where there is no lack of enemies, be it personal life or global geopolitical one. It is a time where in globalized world you have enemies from all over the world, however that is not enough! Belarus just invented one new enemy states, Veishnoria, that will be the practice dummy for a joint Russian-Belarus military operation “Zapad 2017” reports Belarusfeed.

The location of the new enemy state is in the western part of Belarus (our sympathy to western Belorussians). Slavs (this time Belorussians) proved that they can be funny in any situation, this time with their internet reactions for Veishnoria.

Photo: Alaksandar Arsionaŭ / Twitter

It was reported as soon as the new enemy state Veishnoria emerged, a huge amount of Belorussians filled applications for citizenship. The location of the imaginary state is in the north-west of modern Belarus and neighbors two other fake states – Vesbaria (Lithuania, Central and Western Latvia) and Luben (North-East of Poland, the South-West of Lithuania).

According to the plan of the exercises, relations between “West” (the coalition of the three imaginary states) and “North” (Belarus and Russia) deteriorate on the basis of interethnic, ethnic and religious contradictions, as well as territorial claims.

Photo: Alaksandar Arsionaŭ / Twitter

“West” wants to conquer part of Belarus and proclaim a new state of Veisnoria, and afterwards occupy the entire territory of Belarus.

Witty Belorussians also spotted that the borders of the enemy state Veishhnoria is surprisingly aligned with the electoral map of an opposition candidate Zianon Pazniak (at the 1994. elections). Later through the day someone in Belarus even created an account of the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Veishnoria” on Twitter. The account already has over 800 followers.

Photo: Alaksandar Arsionaŭ / Twitter

The country also has an official Cyrillic website and has announced the issuance of passports to citizens. At the time of publication, there were over 1700 people waiting to become Veishnoria’s citizens. The national currency of Veishnoria is exchanged at the rate of 5 USD per 1 VSN (but only in cash exchange offices inside the country). Veishnoria was has been officially recognized by the fake account of Russia’s MFA, that has over 250,000 followers:

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