Belarusian Businessmen Restoring Whole Abandoned Village

Few decades as a village Tenevichi vegetated and of half a dozen houses were only a few living in the district executive committee to think seriously about how to completely wiped off the map. A similar fate befell many Belarusian villages, but Tenevicham was lucky enough. Four years ago, hunters passed through it. Looked around at the devastation and desolation, and on his return to the city one of them spoke about the unenviable share of the village to his colleague, businessman Paul Radyukevichu. From that moment Tenevichi unexpectedly stepped into “the Renaissance”.
There were rumors saying that the businessman gave their children the village. This is, to put it mildly, not true – tells us a businessman’s son Ivan, who is deputy head of the farm “The White Meadows”, which now owns almost all the buildings in Tenevichah.

The idea to revive the village, created on the basis of its farmsteads, occurred just like that. He was born in a village in the district of Leeds and, of course, missed the village life. His sister and father supported the idea and now make every effort to make it as fast as possible realized. In fact, today there are many children who live and never seen a cow or turkey, and they’re going to fill these gaps.

The village in the eyes of Minsk businessman and his children was a pitiful sight. Land covered with bushes so that houses could be barely seen on the way you pass by them. One house, apparently, ruined after burning while the other standing with a collapsed roof. There were only two huts that were used as summer residences. The biggest challenge was to find the heirs, to persuade them to draw up the documents and buy the land.

Today it is hard to imagine that four years ago Tenevichi village breathed its last breath. In addition to the diverse residential buildings (some more, some less, there are two families with separate entrances), will operate three baths, a large and a small tavern. Each house will break a small kitchen garden for guests to derail a season from the garden onion, parsley, dill, dig a couple of tubers of potatoes. Near the village is a beautiful river, it is blocked by a dam, and now here you can swim in the lake of a decent size. On the shore of the lake he will build an auditorium, which can accommodate up to 300 people.

All remaining houses in the village survived, as our Minsk individual built the rest of the log cabins, imported from other villages, and transported them together with old furniture, barge, floors. Most of these log cabins are on the site of the old buildings – tried to keep authenticity.

We really want to Tenevichi village perceived not as agro village – recognized Ivan – Rather, we wanted to create something in between Dudutki and Strochitsy style villages. On the other hand, it will be nice and comfortable to rest here, and we will try to create unobtrusive informative and entertaining infrastructure, in which, for example, our guests can take a master class on pottery, to see how honey is pumped out of the cells and so on. But at the same time all the buildings in the village are authentic, having its own special history, and most importantly – really functioning just as they were used years ago. You can select any and live in it.

We have the opportunity to use their equipment, construction materials had its own production here. This, of course, greatly reduced the price of the cost of the project – says Ivan. – Many people think that in this project there was invested something like million dollars, but it is not. At the same time, they have created a lot of jobs for the people living in nearby villages. Today in Tenevichah employs 15 residents of nearby villages.

Ivan architect by training, he proudly shows us one of his visions: the houses, standing here, have attached a large terrace overlooking the pond. “Modernization” went rustic huts for the benefit and fits quite naturally. Inside, the house everything looks like a neat rustic hut, however, at the same time in this hut there is a boiler, drain, shower.

While most of plants are planted buckwheat. He sad he had experimental plots planted with raspberry, apiary, soon planned to plant herbs.

The interior has been made completely out of wood, however design wise very rural-modern designed to accommodate and relax it’s inhabitants in same time.

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