Belarusian scientist became leader of the pack of wolves

Outskirts of Belarus – few people per square kilometer – in short, a backwater. The most remote place here – the landscape reserve “Red Forest”: lakes, marshes, forests. Near the nature reserve half-empty villages, three dilapidated, crumbling houses one whole. In one of these villages in the suburbs, near the river lives Biology Dmitry Shamovich.

For that year, in his large wooden house is regularly visited by guests from all over the world: the Germans, the French, the British, famous photographers, directors, documentary and feature films. People here tend to watch the wildlife or more precisely wildlife in his backyard, pack of wolves.

Wolves appeared in Shamovicha about 8 years ago. Then he just moved to the area Rosson, postgraduate of the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and hoped to do Ecotourism. On Farm of the hunting, where he lived Dima, has registered a wolf and bear. Wolf entirely ceased to be afraid of people, and it was thanks to Dmitry. Once wolf escaped, got to the nearby village and began to explore the monastery there with no harm to anyone.

Would you dare to keep a wolf as a pet?

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