Belarusian Sculptor Creates Realistic Carved Wood And Bone Figures

“in a blink of a second real people became wooden figurines”

Belarusian sculptor from Minsk Andrey Sagalov masterfully carves absolutely great portraits and figures from wood, bone, and ivory. For many years Andrey worked in a company for the production of carved furniture and interior items, he was constantly working on their design. His expertise comes from manufacture those little wooden sculptures on replicas of historical furniture for private clients from different cities.

His work is regularly presented at the furniture exhibitions in Russia, Belarus, Poland and the Baltic countries. The works display both human and mythical characters. Including the author’s works in the techniques involved in effigy and bone carving. The results of his labors really fascinate and impress with their realism and detail, as if all these people were just real, and in a blink of a second became wooden figurines. Check out the selection of the most impressive works of talented artist from Belarus.

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