Story of a Belorussian that is keeping a Crocodile Pet

Bezodnitsa, Belarus – The holiday village near Minsk Bezodnitsa beautiful pines lying on the snow and brings us another great animal story from Belarus. This happened around time before New Year and country life goes peacefully as in any Slavic village. Smoothly, silent the Belarussians were humbly preparing for their holidays, however there is one particular thing that makes this village different. It was their Nile Crocodile called Gennaday. Gennaday Homeowners kindle fireplace, stoked the bath and decorate sections of the New Year.

Country life goes on smoothly. Along with the economic Belorussians humbly preparing for the holidays Nile crocodile Gennady. Genenady loves to look at the snowy landscape that is so much different from his home around Nile and all the villages love him too! According to statistics, Nile crocodiles live to 80 years. This means that the next ’73 Gene may have to find pleasure in the Belorussian river fish, a temperate climate and a heated terrarium.


The owner of the crocodile is the 30-year-old entrepreneur Denis Pleshak, told about how his house got a a rare pet and how to build a business in today’s realities. Denis Pleshak is not one of those who live to showoff neither is he trying to earn the approval of others with his Croc. Nile crocodile came in his life simply as a matter of chance. 


“Seven years ago, when I first started the business of selling computer equipment, some of my store employees came across an ad:”Crocodile for a laptop. ” We had a lot of laptops, so we thought: why not? So it was that we exchanged Asus 15-inch screen of $ 600. His master was holding a rare animal in the apartment, but the family had a child, and his wife put a condition: either a son or a crocodile. So Gene was given to us for a laptop.


Crocodile was made the office animal of their computer shop – terrarium placed right at the entrance. But most visitors at first thought that Gene is not real. It is only then we will know in Minsk as the only computer store with a crocodile “- smiles Denis.

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