Belorussian scariest house is frightening the whole neighborhood and scaring local children a bit too much

Some of them even filed complaints to the local authorities about it

There is a spooky house just five kilometers from Belorussian capital Minsk, it would be in your best interest to avoid it at night. It is a true house of horror, with devilish imps infesting its roof, house of suffering hell prisoners reaching their hands out of the walls. It will definitely amaze you when you see it at first, but if you keep staring at it you will find it creep on you.

This is the crown jewel that marked the town Ratomka, and some people are happy the owner, an ordinary businessman, has built it while other locals are even afraid of having it in their neighborhood. You must admit that the house looks impressive and costed a fortune to make. During night horror around it is so real that even some of the neighbors filed complaints to the local authorities about it, claiming that the devils and skulls were scaring children and even adults walking by after dark, but they haven’t done anything about it yet. More info: (h/t: odditycentral)

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