Beneath the mysterious Moscow

Beneath the mysterious Moscow – These magnificent photos aren’t from an interior of Star Wars Death Star. These photos are different undeground parts of Moscow. What makes it more special is that an average person can’t access these places as they are strictly under control but the photographer Russos can as he is the official photographer of Moscow Subway Systems so he visits different parts of underground Moscow to make you happy. Photos look very out of this world, enjoy!

Moscow Metro opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre (6.8 mi) line and 13 stations, it was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union.


As of 2014, the Moscow Metro has 195 stations and its route length is 325.4 km (202.2 mi). The system is mostly underground, with the deepest section 74 metres (243 ft) underground at the Park Pobedy station, one of the world’s deepest.


As of 2013, the Moscow Metro is the busiest metro system outside of Asia, the world’s busiest by daily ridership and the 6th longest in the world.

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photography by Russos

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