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Berezniki – Doomed City Getting Swallowed By The Earth

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you…

Photo: Lana Sator / Instagram

In the west hardly anyone has heard about the town of Berezniki, but in the east it is actually very well known. In general it is a very average Eastern European town with industrial districts and nothing out of ordinary…until something unusual started to happen. Town is a victim of constant sinkholes that emerge across the towns area. At first the sinkholes were kind of small, but as time goes worse and worse do they get, it is all very well documented by aerial photography thanks to Lana Sator.

Some of the masive industrial buildings have become a victim of these huge sinkholes, being submerged into water that appeared inside the sinkholes. Some parts of the buildings already on the bottom. However first sinkholes were appearing in the forest, some distance away from the town.

The first sinkhole appeared here in 1986 – the year Chernobyl accident happened. Then more and more of them caused chained reaction – people say that those sinkholes appear with loud booms and light flashes – probably the gas explosions.

This Ural city is standing on the bottom of ancient salt sea – and for this there are plenty of mines trying to excavate salt, potassium and other minerals from the crystallized sea bottom that is under ground.

Berezniki has over 150,000 population and sadly people don’t feel themselves safe in the town anymore.

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