Best Drink Ever – The Birch Sap

The Birch Sap – is the sap manually extracted from a birch tree, such as a North American Sweet Birch or a Silver Birch. The sap is often a slightly sweet, thin syrupy-watery liquid, kids will love it. The tree sap contains sugars (namely xylitol), proteins, amino acids, and enzymes and beacause of that is very valuable product that influences well on the whole human organism. It helps to overcome the summer weakness, depressions and distractions and no need to mention that it is refreshing and feels good. The birch sap also increase the resistive ability from infectious diseases and has the diuretic and other good effects because of its composition from organic acids, minerals and vitamins. You can not only drink this sap, but also rub your skin with it if having acne or wash your hair if having dandruff. Since ancient times Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians have used this wonderful product as a medicine and drink it cause it’s very tasty! via(source)

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