Best photos from Russian photography contest

There is a website where they have a photo competition each month. The theme is usually wondeful pictures from Russia and it’s held on website. What you will see now is the most interesting selection of photos from the Russian land. The absolute winner of the contest is the photo “Boat Sedov thru the frosty myst” which is again not a painting but an actual amazing photo! Other photos are also amazing and worth every second of your attention! via(source)5725112_xlarge-800x600 5730257_xlarge-800x600 5730308_xlarge-800x520 5733873_xlarge-800x600 5734271_xlarge-800x600 5735844_xlarge-800x600 5736071_xlarge-800x600 5736900_xlarge-800x600 5738991_xlarge-800x600 5740681_xlarge-800x600 5749632_xlarge-800x600 5750351_xlarge-800x600 5754875_xlarge-800x600 5755864_xlarge-800x600 5756330_xlarge-800x600


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