Best photos from the Russian presidential elections in 2018.

Masha, Varangians, Sarmatians, Bears, Cossacks, Sputnik, they all voted!

Photo: user submissions / Yaplakal

We witnessed a lot of fuss in the media about American presidential elections, now also elections happened in Russia too, however with less political polarization between people in Russia and evidently more costumes, food, jokes and social media photos. Authorities wanted to get as many people as possible to vote this year, this is why they organized different attractions on their voting polls, just so people would show up and vote. Here we gathered some of the most unusual photos people shared over Russian social media and forums as Yaplakal.

Free food for the voters (in some places) is definitely a good way to get the older folks gather, all this was recorded thanks to installed webcams on all the polling stations that the Russian authorities installed. So get ready to see Masha and the Bear, Kiyvan Varangians, Cossaks and similar give their votes:

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