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Braco the Gazer – Croatian Man Claims He Can Heal You By Looking, Becomes A Viral Hit Among Religious Americans

Healing you of all your ills just by looking at you…

Photo: Braco the gazer / Facebook

For some he is a “unique phenomenon, a non-specific placebo effect” and to others he is “the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the unfulfilled energy of the Sun”. One thing is for sure his name is Josip Grbavac, a “healer” also known “Braco from Srebrnjak”, leaves no one indifferent. The phenomena of his charisma were questioned by all, from scientists, journalists and even businessmen.

Everything started few years ago when a rumor about a man in Srebrnjak neighborhood of Croatian Capital Zagreb was hosting events for hundreds of people. Later he wen’t viral and world-wide, all thanks to his gaze, that some people claimed it healed them. Religious Americans have fallen in love and now his seminars are attended by thousands of followers, streamed on big TV shows and so goes the story that will either heal you or just make you laugh. 

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Thousands yearn for his gaze.

Braco wasn’t the first who spread this magical healing, it actually started as a cult on Srebrnjak that was founded by Serbian Ivica Prokić, but when Prokić died braco took over and even “modernized” the business in a good way it seems. Braco turned the whole thing into a new age mysticism, moved away from all religions and suddenly Braco became a mystical treasure for all people in need. 

Deceased cult founder Prokić used to claim that when he collected one kilogram of gold, he would come into direct contact with the Sun, whom he worshiped as a deity because, as he wrote in one of his books, a piece of the Sun entered the hip wrist of his leg when he was a child. By the time of his death, he wore about 1.4 kilograms of gold, so they called him ” the walking goldsmith”.

Braco and his mentor

The treatment lasts only three minutes, during which Braco stands on a raised stand and a mild, soothing look holds two hundred people in the room. He does not utter a single word and he is the only known healer who is not interested in what they are suffering from. He does not explain how he is doing all his healing because he does not speak absolutely anything. Yet, the crowd cried, trembled and became unconscious, convinced that they had touched with his energy.

Braco then goes silent from the stand, the mass separates, and a new group joins the room, which is being carefully taken care of by the organizers.

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