Brave Russian surfers on ice freezing Pacific ocean

Group of Russian surfers were waiting a whole week to surf and finally when they came to the Pacific ocean beach they were accompanied by wind and snowfall. The plan was to remove the athletes from their safe zone to do something harsher and harder! One of the participants – Ivan Marchenko – said that Vladivostok winter surfers gather up for the third year. These Vladivostok athletes count a dozen people in their brave group. via(source)


Winter surfer can perform the same tricks as in the summer, but with ice, snow and cold -30° temperature wind it get’s a lot harder.


Every year in June Reynard competitions are held, so this year they were both stage of the championship of Russian surfing.


Winter waves are not particularly different from those that happen in the summer – said another participant Mark Glubokovsky.


What we can advise you is that you do not try this on your own.


Surfing can be a dangerous sport as it self, while this Russian version of surfing we could classify as extremely dangerous.

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What can we say rather than good job boys! We however love the safety of our warm homes!


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