Brutal Tank Biathlon in Primorye

Russians call it “The Tank Biathlon” and it’s kind of a big event that has become popular even outside of Russia. To be a part of this you have to have a tank, so mostly army personel comes to compete here, from all sides of Russian federation, and then the tank games begin. Yuri, our photographer which made these amazing photos has visited this Primorye Tank Biathlon few days ago on february 19, where the competition was attended by crews of the 57th, 59th, 60th, 70th Motorized Rifle Brigade of Russian army. This is the third time these games are being held in Russia, where the first one was held back in 2013. Traditionally, the first pass selection of the best crews among armies, then – in the military districts, and only then start the international stage. As the head of the combat training of staff of the Fifth Army Colonel Valery Vasilenko, all competitions are now held with the T-72B. These combat vehicles have been adopted in 1984. They still make up the backbone of the armored forces of the Armed Forces, after the Ministry of Defense last year refused further operation T-80. via source [divider]


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