BTA-6 Biggest Telescope in Europe

Finally, one bloggers little dream came true – to see Large Telescope Special Astrophysical Observatory in Russia in action! Of course, he had heard about the large-scale telescope construction process which lasted 15 years, but when our blogger got close to him, and thishuge unique structure did not even fit into his cameras lens he was really surprised! However, a few good shots were made luckly for us – and his group was lucky it has even been to the underground part of the observatory, and they took a few pictures from the air as eye candy for readers. In the valley of the Big Zelenchuk in the 60s of the last century Russia (Soviet Union then) has built Research Institute, Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main platform for observation became a place at an altitude of 2100 meters near the mountain Pastukhov. In this hall tour they told them the history of the observatory, and what his purpose was during all these years. The decision to build a six-meter telescope with a mirror was made in 1960. Few years went on design and construction, including more than three years to make mirrors, and in 1975, the observatory was put into operation. Story via source[divider]

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