Bukovel The Magical Ski Resort In Ukraine

Upon arriving in Bukovel you might question yourself are you in some Elven village from Lord of the Rings or what!? However this is absolutely the largest ski resort in Ukraine, and most impressive by far. During winter times there are thousands of people skiing, snowboarding or just relaxing here however our blogger deletant came here for a visit in May. it’s not that bad in May either as it’s quite a calm green area in that part of year so it kinds of gives you a chance to take a nice walk and enjoy nature in peace and harmony. I mean just look at this place, it’s hard to imagine harmonious green place like this is even real.


Nearby to Bukovel is a Vnizu – neat cool little town with an infinitely insane number of hotels and restaurants, and top of it all – unspoiled nature and magnificent views.


Our blogger used to live in one of these log cabins with private balcony and a separate exit to the street so you will see a a view from his balcony of his room.


Despite the end of May, it was cool and rainy. In the morning, the temperature barely rose above zero. As a result, the bird flew away, and I went for a walk through the village.

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…and as if all this wasn’t enough this is the view from our bloggers room:


We are jealous!

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