Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia And Hungary Forming the ‘Special Operations’ Air Force

Forces to infiltrate enemy, fight against terrorism and to evacuate

Slovenian Armed Forces / Photo: wikimedia

The Croatian defense ministry said on Tuesday that Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria embarked on the establishment of joint special air force sponsored by NATO’s Special Operations Headquarters and the US.

The ministry said that the project was still in the initial phase, but emphasized that “potential areas of cooperation could include joint training and education, equipping, modernization and the establishment of integrated multinational troops”.

These are the forces that are trained and equipped to infiltrate into enemy territory, fight against terrorism, the evacuation of its own forces from enemy territory

These are the goals that South-East NATO countries undertook as members, but after considering different models of providing the necessary training and possible international support, NATO and bilateral partners, concluded that it is best to enter this project in joint cooperation.

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