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Bulgaria offers “abandoned tour” that will creep you out

“The Abandoned Bulgaria” is a special creepy tour that will reveal the abandoned Bulgaria places to your eyes. It has forgotten buildings, machines,monuments and even whole wrecked villages that will haunt you from the past. Hristo Uzunov, a very skilled Bulgarian photographer that resides in Sofia, Bulgarians capital, has been working hard and traveling for two years continually exploring abandoned locations in the country. After he traveled too all of these locations he completed his work project called “The Abandoned Bulgaria” (“Изоставената България”).

More than 20 abandoned places were visited, capturing their creepy but interesting atmosphere. One by one they are fading into dust… so feast your eyes while you still can! More info: Facebook

The Buzludzha Monument was built on the mountain peak by the Bulgarian “commy” regime in 1981. (abandoned after 1990’s)

Buzludzha is a historical peak in the Central Balkan Mountains that are 1441 metres high

It’s in very poor condition since the end of the Socialist Era in 1990

This once-spectacular monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet friendship is located in the city of Varna

The chimney of the plant for the production of lime which is located in the town of Smolyan. The factory was closed in the 1950’s

There are many small villages in the Rhodope Mountains. Most of them are abandoned

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