Bulgarian President Rumen Radev sees an workout lever, shows some serious athletic skills

Little athletic deed that started mass social media photoshop battles

Photo: Wikimedia CC & Youtube screenshot

President Rumen Radev surprised the troops from the Plovdiv Special Forces Brigade and the journalists present with the abdominal lever. The head of state was on a morning visit to the division. Radev greeted the soldiers, looked at the lever, and a little later, he turned on a lever and made a full turn. The President’s appearance has become the most commented event in social networks in the hours after.

Some comments over the social networks: 

Aleksandar Spasic:Biggest accomplishment of Bulgarian sport

Ivan Ivanov:These are Bulgarian politicians, top people, him and Boiko Borisov are both generals,black belts fully accomplished individuals, Bulgarians love our strong man ,we appreciate everyone of our neighbors, we love you even though we had our differences andsome times, Bulgarians came and gave you pride and joy,Christianity, we brought the horses and show you how to beat the Byzantine empire that you were slave to,chill out and love that you have amazing neighbor,we love you all ,staying together we can be who we are ,i am bulgarian and love my balkan brothers

Stanislav Vt:After this, he got into his MIG-29 and flew off to chill with Putin

Karol Sekulic:I wouldn’t expect anything else- from the country that developed the Bulgarian split squat:) So hardcore. LOVE IT!

Finn Van:True gopnik

Even some funny photoshop battles started: 

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