Can you handle the cuteness of Siberian Cats?

We know you can’t because these cats are the best and cutest!

Siberia, Russia – Internet is full of cats and this is a trend that won’t stop as people are obsessed with these little fur balls. Funny cat images are here to stay, so our feline fans could have a chance to meet Siberian examples. Officially they are called “Siberian cats” so get ready for the most beautiful cats in the world. It should be noted that these adorable photos were craftily captured by a Russian photographer Alla Lebedeva. She managed to capture them in some really “Russian” places and pretty rural environment. Let us enjoy this cat moment and their majestically pretty and funny faces:

The Siberian Cat Family

Red Alert Human Approaching

Human you belong to us now

Fluff attack vol.1

Hovercraft cat in the snow approaches

Keeping an eye on the pesky human

Fluff attack vol.2

Gingers are always special

Too funny to comment this cat

Just look at those feet

Vietnamese tactic of tree ambushes

Some Ginger Eskimo love

Still keeping an eye on the human

Public cat transport

It’s been enough now human, be gone

We are dying from cuteness overload here, how about you?

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