Check out the Luxury Apartments designed for Russian Millionaires

The most expensive apartments in Russia with crazy interior designs

Russia – Rich Russian people are known for their “royal” life style that draws back to the Emperor era of this state. This is why today man prestigious residential complexes have apartments specially made for such rich “emperor-status” people. Their interior design is made to their liking and they range from royal looking to some that even look like simply bad taste. Nevertheless most of these apartments are very unique and you’ll never see anything similar to it again.

Most of these apartments can be found on websites of real estate agencies, where they rent out or sell them. Russian forum members at trinixy decided to collect most of them and explain to us all how these costly apartments look like and where you can find them.

Residential complex: LCD Mosfilmovskoj

“Apocalypse Now” Apartment

Most of the apartments are rented in this complex and their prices would make you faint. Killer interior named  with 3 luxury rooms for only 345 thousand rubles a month (5k Euro).

“Big Brother” apartment

3 luxury rooms, 422.5 thousand rubles a month (6k Euro).

“Neon brothel” apartment

Luxury penthouse –  7 large rooms, 4 bathrooms and 900 thousand rubles a month (12k Euro).

Residential complex: Krasnaya Presnya.

This complex is on a real Emperor or Sultan level, it will make all your dreams come true if you ever wanted a “golden toilet” or anything similar.

“Sultan Palace” Appartment – for sale

4 huge bedrooms, 3 golden bathrooms, 4 walk-in closets and laundry room with bath for only 240 million rubles (3.4m Euros). There is no imitation furniture here it’s all marble, onyx, and precious wood.

Residential complex: LCD on Schukin.

Here in this complex there is also a set of interesting luxury apartments that you will either love or hate.

“Painted palace” apartment

9 luxury rooms, 1 million rubles (14k Euro) a month for the money you will admire reproductions of famous paintings, do not have any value, but very richly framed.

If you can handle these colors and painted scheme of this apartment you will probably enjoy it, or go crazy.

Residential complex: LCD on Krasnaya Presnya.

Despite the brash modern look of this complex, one of the apartments is for sale, it seems it was decorated by a grandmother with a needle.

Grandma Luxury Apartment

5 luxury bedrooms, price: 192.6 million rubles (2.7m Euro)

Touching, is not it? Just look at those sweet curtains, sofa, cushion covers, and if you are not prepared with a magnifying glass to study all the grandma details of the apartment, then certainly you will notice all those pictures on the wall.

Residential complex: 2nd Tverskaya

Another beautiful modern looking building that is packed with some pretty luxurious apartments with their own unique design.

Grandma Luxury Apartment vol 2

Here rented one of the most expensive apartments in Moscow, where literally everything is pink print curse. 4 Bedrooms, 511.6 thousand rubles (7.3k Euro) per month.

We bet Kim Kardashian would love this apartment:

Residential complex: LCD on Shabolovka

This building is crowned with the most important jewel in our little excursion program

“Kremlin turret” Apartment

Three-level penthouse “with a stunning design repair” rent for 330 thousand rubles (4.7k Euro) per month. You will enjoy two living rooms with fireplace and three bedrooms. The third terrace, dayroom, sauna and swimming pool. The terrace has its own Kremlin turret.

Which of these would you like to live in?

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