Chelyabinsks Meteorite, Three Suns and Blue Snow

The inhabitants of Chelyabinsk, Russian city above which the 2013 meteor exploded, upset are after blue snow has fallen in their town as reported by “Russia Today” (RT). “When dawn came, we saw blue roofs, blue parking, blue cars in general everything was blue from snow. We started to panic a little” – told the local Dmitri, a resident of Chelyabinsk, adding that the unusual snow smelled of iron so at first they thought it was maybe due to some local factories. Blue snow was observed in the industrial zone, on the outskirts of the city. Some suspect that the snow is contaminated with toxic substances so people were wary. Stationery Telefakt Alexander Artamonov said that she could “feel the sweet taste in the mouth” just standing on the blue snow. But the things go far more weird that this, few days ago a strange phenomenon occurred in Chelyabinsks  and people were seeing three suns:

Residents were even more horriffied because they passed near the contaminated area where the snow was blue and they started to complain of pain in their throat. The media indicate that neither the Ministry of Environment or Ministry of Emergency Situations don’t know what to do in this case. So as the locals were shocked by standing on the blue snow and watching the three suns an even worse scene came. It was a meteorite fall of Chelyabinsks:

So what we can expect next is probably Aliens landing in Chelyabinsks because it can’t get weirder as it is right now. RT claims that the blue snow now is accountable by local factory, which creates the color of Easter eggs, a part of the paint is leaked out of the factory site. The company “Vitex” assures that the colors she uses are not a threat to human health. RT reminds us that this winter in the Russian town of Saratov also snow was orange, which is seen in almost all parts of the city. The color varied from light yellow to deep orange. Then the Director of the weather forecast Mikhail Boltuhin said this was a common occurrence and that the orange snow harmless to humans and animals.

Blue Snow Of Chelyabinsks

Orange Snow Of Chelyabinsks

Meteorite Fall Of Chelyabinsks

Three Suns Of Chelyabinsks

So who knows what next will happen in Chelyabinsks.

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