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Chernobyl Over The Horizon Radar

What you are about to see now is one of the most mysterious places in the Chernobyl area and it’s name is “Chernobyl-2”. During the era of USSR this area was such a top secret it wasn’t even displayed on maps, and no civilian could enter anywhere close to this object. However as USSR collapsed and Chernobyl catastrophe happened a lot of info leaked about this area as a garrison of a small military unit for space espionage. The Chernobyl2 was a over-the-horizon radar, that gave Soviet scientists a unique radar system that allowed them to see any incoming ballistic missiles launching anywhere from the territory of their potential enemies.


The whole unit is a huge antenna, and during it’s functional time it was manned by over 1000 military-men. Duga-1 (Slavic word from Rainbow) was the major over-the-horizon radar located in Chernobyl-2, and it was capable of detecting intercontinental ballistic missiles that would come either from Europe or USA, and in it’s time it was the only station in the world that had those capabilities and technology.


As radiation in Chernobyl is getting lower over the years, the access to the object for adventurous tourists has been opened, because the Ukraine government has planned to demolish the object.


However luckily for us the whole operation didn’t go through due to danger of the massive structure to collapse and raise radiation clouds from earth and even damage the Chernobyl sarcophagus.


It’s interesting to note that western powers at the time didn’t know what the object was  used for, so there was fear that USSR developed a system that affects their safety of navigation and aviation. via source

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