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Chewbacca getting arrested in Odessa, Ukraine

No, this is not a Star Wars PR trick before the movie! You see in Ukraine a lot of strange things happen lately like: Darth Vader applying for president of Ukraine here, replacing Lenin statues with Darth Vader here, lot of Star Wars art merging with Ukrainian folklore here, manufacturing official storm-trooper helmets for army! Latest SW news is violent outbursts of Chewbacca while getting arrested after refusing to show documentation to Ukrainian police just outside of Odessa Polling station. This huge Chewie was approached by police and then suddenly all the fuss started to happen. Why don’t you just watch it:

One could see from all this that force just wasn’t with him that day or that Darth Vaders officer troops were just too strong that day.

In a land where Darth Vader statues start to emerge and where Darth Vader is becoming a president is no place for aggressive Chewbacca and his friend Han Solo. So giant furry guy ended up in prison and court.

By the look of it’s hair it seems that Chewbacca had a rough night in prison! Lessons? Join the Dark Side!

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