Chirstianization of Poland shown in excellent museum exhibition

When new Gods come to replace the old Gods, things get interesting

Poland – Christianization of Poland was an event of subsequent spreads of Christian beliefs over Pagan Slavic Poland. The whole Christianization started from the head, so usually the peasant people were more prone to paganism but Church made a deal with the ruler of Polish state, Mieszko I and thus the Christianization started from top to bottom of whole Polish society.

This was a slow process and it had to pass even few centuries for church to diminish the influence of the old Slavic gods to ultimately join the ranks of the papacy and the Holy Roman Empire.

Location and exact process of these acts are well recorded, this is why Poland opened an exhibition dedicated to to the era of Christianization of Poland in 966. in Polish Army Museum.

It displayed interesting totems, clothing, items and other little things you might be interested in:

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What do you think?

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