Christmas In Zagreb, the best European Holiday Destination

Websi (CC0), Pixabay

We all love this time of the year when people get ready for Christmas decor of our homes and our cities as well. Christmas decoration is for many a true eye candy and many will decide where to spend their Christmas and New Years eve exactly according to the fact of how well the town is decorated. Now this is the part where we want to introduce to your the Croatian capital city, Zagreb, which feel feed on your decor hungry eyes with it’s beautiful Christmas set. This year Zagreb has won the “European Best Destinations” award as the city that should be in top of your list to visit it. Really, it has it all, ice skating, decor trees and buildings, white sparkly lights everywhere, hundreds of little stands with tasty food and chocolate treats. City is completely illuminated and we are certain you would enjoy it a lot, as it is crowded with people that just love to enjoy Christmas. Check out the photos that we gathered of Croatian capitals Christmas spirit.

Park of King Tomislav

Looking for some of the prettiest places at Christmas time? Zagreb, Croatia is just what the doctor ordered. Check out these gorgeous photos of the capital city during Advent season. Tumblr

Art pavilion in park of King Tomislav

Park Zrinjevac

Dolac Marketplace

Ice Skating on Tomislav park

Mini model of large railway in Gundulićeva street

Church & Square of Saint Mark

Ice Skating show under the Pavilion

Christmas fairy tale village in Čazma

Bogovićeva street in center of Zagreb

Cvjetni square  in Zagreb

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