Chulyshman, the most impressive valley in Russia

Valley in Russia has it all, from open spaces, mountains, crystal lakes, cliffs, stone mushrooms. Chulyshman valley got it’s name by the actualy Chulyshman river that is spectacularly set in a large canyon of 130 km length, making it on pair with other world canyons such as American Grand Canyon. If you ever decide to visit it you will have to do it in two ways, one is by car thought the mighty Katu-Jaryk pass and other is through Teletsky lake with a boat. If you wish to enjoy the best view, you will have to make it from the top of the canyon as that is the place where your breath will be taken away standing on the edge of the abyss and watching the birds fly under you. Thanks to Anton Petrus we are here to show you how it looks in first person!

The river begins with the glacial lake Dzhulukulja and along the way the incorporate will other smaller streams from many canyon falls.

Inside the canyon there is a special wind called “Phoen” that as it runs inside it creates a  special micro-climate of a canyon and already mentioned Teletsky lake. The wind Phoen is very unusual natural phenomenon because of it’s strengths and warmth, which is explained as a result of difference in pressure of cyclones of Northern areas and South anticyclones of the Altai.

Most famous sight here is Unchar Falls, these are the biggest cascade falls that can be found in Siberia and they are raining water from 160 meters of height. To get up to it it would take you over 5 hours by food but many say it is worth it. View of Unchar is unforgettable and refreshing through out the year.

We already mentioned Stone Mushrooms of Akkurum (Ak-Korum) that can be found here too.

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