Church of St. Andrew at Vuoksa

Small wooden church of St. Andrew is located in the river Vuoksi in the Leningrad region. Built in 2000, the church fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s only church built on a tiny island, which serves as the foundation of monolithic rock protruding from the water. Church attributed to Konevskaya church in the village of sapper. Church services are held on schedule by appointment in the temple to performed baptisms and weddings. From the shore to the temple you can be reach it by boat. via(sourceThe temple was built by two enthusiasts – Professors froom University. An example for architectural solutions became the oldest Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye. 


Although in the world there are other “Churches on the Water”, among which is the church in Volgograd, Kondopoga, Church of the Assumption in Slovenia and remarkably similar to Priozersky temple church in the town of Kalyazin on the Volga, that is an island in the Vuoksa which attracts visitors with its picturesque location.


The church is named after one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Andrew is the patron saint of sailors, so on every ship is bound to have Andrew’s flag, and possibly surrounding the church on all sides by water began referring to this fact. The site is located near the village of Vasilyevo Priozersky area.


From Peter need to move on Priozersk highway, Sapernom turn off the road to the left. We pass the village Vasilyev and immediately behind it will be a pointer to the right. We turn off and rests in the parking lot. Further, about two hundred meters on the trodden road straight to the beach. The road takes about 2 hours.[divider]

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